Blooming Grove Stair Company is a DBA of Monroe Stair Products, Inc. which was incorporated in 1985. 

We design, manufacture and install wood staircases and railings in residential new construction and renovations. 

We are located in Orange County, NY and use state of the art equipment coupled with age old craftsmanship to provide our customers with the highest level service and quality possible. 

We pride ourselves on having a reputation that is truly second to none.

According to our employees we are a great company to work for. Proof of this might be the fact that we have some employees who are 3 generations employed by BGS! Grandfather, Son and Grandson are all working together. 

The current owners of the company  are Jesse J. Kehoe and Paul Graham who purchased the business from Glen Durant in 2000. 
"Happy, Happy, Happy!" 
That was the subject line of one recent customers email. They just wanted to let all of us know that they loved the new stairs and railings. 

This is not a rare occurence. Another email reads:

Craig / Christine– the railings and spindles look awesome!!! We love them.  Thanks for everything! 

Our Sales Team
  1. Sam Ventola
    Sam Ventola
    Sam Ventola has worked in the field of stair layout, design and sales for 23 years. He has worked the last 11 years for BGS. Prior to entering the Stair Industry, he worked in construction, framing custom homes throughout Bergen County NJ. He has a thorough understanding of home building as well as problem solving. He has worked with numerous architects, project managers and decorators. He will take the time to help you understand all facets of your project, whether it's a small renovation, a custom home or a multi unit project.
  2. Craig Gillespie
    Craig Gillespie
    Craig has been in the stair business since 1995 and in the building supplies industry since 1984. That's over 30 years in the industry. So Craig has a vast understanding of construction. He's worked with clients in all aspects of building, from concept to design to completion. He has worked with contractors, developers, architects, designers and homeowners. Craig's approach to sales is summarized in this quote from Teddy Roosevelt, "People don't care how much you know until they know how much you care."
  3. Melissa Killion
    Melissa Killion
    Melissa is our lead estimator and has an impressive knowledge of the stair and rail industry. She is an absolute work horse who tries to leave every day without any customers waiting on quotes or estimates.
  4. Christine Calvaruso
    Christine Calvaruso
    Christine is the one who keeps us all organized. She works in close conjunction with the owners to work out schedules and communicate with our customers. She has been with the company for over 4 years and is a key member of our team.