Curved: The classic curved stair, easily added to most L-shaped colonial designs, offers a measure of elegance unmatched by any other design. It becomes the conversation piece of your home.

Bi-level: The bi-level staircase, native to the northeastern U.S., features a very efficient use of space and the ability to utilize economical building processes.

Half-open: The half-open colonial uses much less space, allowing for more efficient use of the foyer in modern design homes. It can be open on one or both sides.

Winding: A winding staircase, when carefully planned can be both appealing and functional, allowing for stair placement into a more compact area

Spiral: A spiral staircase is space conserving and dramatic.

Full-open Colonial: A traditional design, full open colonial allows for a spacious foyer and open balconies. It allow for a straight run or elegant curved stair.


Style on the other hand is limited only by your imagination. Take a look at a beautiful staircase. A variety of components come together to create the finished product. 

Elements to consider are: Rails, Finials: glass or wood, Spindles: turned wood, iron scrolled or modern, Rosettes, Newel Posts, and Balconies. Finish and wood selection also play an important role. The experts at Blooming Grove Stair will inform and guide you in the selection process.



Handrails with the sculptural quality of a Stradivarius. Balusters of turned wood or twisting iron. The beauty is undeniable. However, the safety of a staircase is even more important than its aesthetic value. This is why no project is complete until the team of Blooming Grove Stair Company personally installs the handrail system of your choice. Our standard 3-1/4 inch posts ensure that your handrail structure will be sturdy and safe as well as a design that complements your home.

are assured excellent craftsmanship and exceptional quality because Blooming Grove Stair Company sets the highest standards for each staircase and handrail system created. Stair squeaking or rail flexing are unacceptable. For this reason, we build with only premium lumber, hand selected by our staff.

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